"...the thingness of something becomes apparent when it is no longer functioning as it did before or it becomes dysfunctional or if it appears in an unexpected place..."

this photograph caught my eye and not just because it reminds me of a painting by marcel duchamp from 1913 called nude descending a staircase’ and of japanese calligraphy but because it affords the possibility of a glimpse of an alternate reality, a different way of seeing and perceiving time and space, unmediated (or at least mediated in a different way) by the mind/brain.

from the point of view of quantum mechanics every thing’ is constantly in motion, every thing shimmers and floats and moves and is unstable, every thing’ is continually interacting and intra-acting with every other thing’ and every thing’ is dependent for its very existence on every other thing’. it is the brain which turns the Real into a discrete entities in order to enable humans to deal (or not deal) with the Real.

is it still accurate or useful or meaningful to say that this is a photograph of two competitors in a synchronised trampoline competition? (yep this is a thing apparently).

in the same way i wonder whether it is useful or meaningful to build a 1 billion euro camera and to send it into outer space and then to say that this is a picture of a spiral galaxy called IC342.

the article i read at least it says that this is euclid’s (for that is the camera’s name) view of a spiral galaxy called IC342. a camera may have a name but it is not a subject so it cannot have’ a view. nonetheless the image is subjective since it was made by a machine created by a subject. but what is the meaning of a subjective view if the subject could not exist in that point in time and space?

so fuck you and your stupid pictures of outer space.

ok i’ll go now.
have a nice day!
love you!

oh by the way have i told you my ezelsbruggetje for remembering how to spell discrete and discreet? if you need the word which means separate independent entities, it’s the one where the two letters e are discrete because they are s e p a r a t e d by the letter t — and also : all variations of seperate’ have a rat in the middle.