"...the thingness of something becomes apparent when it is no longer functioning as it did before or it becomes dysfunctional or if it appears in an unexpected place..."

I wrote to Nop Maas, Gerard Reve’s biographer, to ask if Reve was in Amsterdam or in Rotterdam on the last day of November 1991, or in both.

In Kroniek Van Een Schuldig Leven (3 : De Late Jaren 1975-2006) schrijft U op pagina 590 dat Reve op 30 november 1991 in de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam Brieven aan mijn Lijfarts signeerde, maar in mijn exemplaar heeft hij onder zijn handtekening geschreven R’dam 30.11.91.

I wrote to him as much to find out if I am an idiot for wanting to know which, at least if he takes it seriously and writes back

I can imagine he has better things to do but my phantasy is :