"...the thingness of something becomes apparent when it is no longer functioning as it did before or it becomes dysfunctional or if it appears in an unexpected place..."

i don’t want to be judged. i don’t want to be assessed. i don’t want to be measured. i don’t want to be tested. i don’t want to be evaluated. i don’t want to be subject to key performance indicators. i don’t want to have a matrix applied to me. i don’t want to be authenticated, i don’t want to have to give an account of my-so-called-self. i don’t want to reflect on my skills, qualities, strengths, weaknesses, or personal traits. i don’t want to fill in questionnaires, or take part in surveys or do self-reflection exercises. i don’t want my behaviour, actions, or interactions in different contexts to be observed. i don’t want my demeanour to be gauged. i don’t want my psychological functioning, personality traits, cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, or mental health to be scrutinised. i don’t want to take part in simulations, demonstrations, standardised tests, interviews, or clinical assessments. i don’t want feedback about my behaviour, abilities, performance, and interpersonal skills to be gathered from multiple perspectives including supervisors, peers, subordinates, or external stakeholders. i don’t want to submit a portfolio.