"...the thingness of something becomes apparent when it is no longer functioning as it did before or it becomes dysfunctional or if it appears in an unexpected place..."

how capitalism works

your name doesn’t matter but in 1990 on a train from Manchester to King’s Cross you have an idea which you work out in seven books between 1997 and 2007, 600 million copies are sold and translated into 85 languages. the film rights are sold for a hefty” seven-figure sum, eight films are made and released between 2001 and 2011 generating $7.7 billion. your idea made you £875 million so you are extremely, let’s say comfortable’, and whenever you mouth off about some bullshit it makes the headlines, but some other bastards who didn’t have an idea made a shitload more money than you out of your idea, or i shouldn’t say they didn’t have an idea because they did. their idea was to make a shitload of money out of your idea. how can they do this? they own the means of production.

you don’t need to be a wizard to come up with an alternative way to organise the resources in the world and don’t worry you still get your £875 million, we don’t have to go soviet style communism. but instead of some other bastards owning the means of production they are owned by the state and it says, thank you very much for your splendid idea comrade you will be handsomely rewarded, here’s your £875 million and we’ll use the $7.7 billion (and that’s just from the films) to build houses so people have somewhere to live or pay decent wages to people working in aged care etc etc

love from your friend,