"...the thingness of something becomes apparent when it is no longer functioning as it did before or it becomes dysfunctional or if it appears in an unexpected place..."


so they say there is a serious storm coming, but they’ say a lot of things, like this or that thing shouldn’t be happening and this or that person should be doing this or that, or should or should not be doing it or should have done it or not done it, or should not have said something they said, but what they’ are especially fond of saying is that something or other is going to happen.

of course lots of things that they say are going to happen don’t happen, and no one ever says, hey you said this or that thing was going to happen but it didn’t, because who do you say it to? also there are many things that happen which they’ didn’t ever say were going to happen — even if is in their actual job description that they are supposed to know it’s going to happen and tell you.

but of all the things they’ say are going to happen the apocalypse is my favourite, with the extinction of the human race a close second. that’s because all the times they’ said the world is going to end and then, after years of preparing for it, when it doesn’t, they just go, ah well.

i say embrace entropy! (oh did i tell you i am starting a new movement? it’s an alternative to extinction rebellion and just stop oil. the basic premise is … well the second law of thermodynamics. the whole thing is going to shit anyway and there is nothing anyone can do about it so let’s just do our things or wait quietly in our hovels for the end of the world and be done with it) so i am not at all worried about the apocalypse, only i would like to know that it actually is the apocalypse when it’s happening and not just a missile strike on the hospital where i was sheltering with my children and neighbours thinking we’f be safe, but then again in that case, whether or not it’s the real apocalypse would be the last thing you’d be worrying about.

but the extinction of the human species is a close second because all the animals and trees and the rivers and the mountains could have the planet back and they could just be, without constantly having human beings fuck with them and they would all look at each other and say, thank god those fuckers are gone!

so yeah bring it on, the end of the world, or the human species.
i’m ready for it.
what about you?
i love you!